Food Automation Atlantic
Nov 27 all day
Food Automation Atlantic @ Halifax Airport
Nov 28 all day
Food Networking Event @ Start up Zone
Nov 29 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Peter Van Stolk, Founder of Jones Soda, presents…

“Lessons in Building Consumer Loyalty from the Ground Up”

Join us for an engaging Food Networking Event with a presentation from Peter Van Stolk.

6:00PM Welcome & Food Xcel Introduction

6:30PM Presentation from Peter Van Stolk

Contact Food Island Partnership at 902-367-4417 for more information

Food Xcel Kick off @ Start up Zone
Nov 29 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Food Xcel has been developed to help aspiring food entrepreneurs move their idea forward through a combination of progressive workshops, networking opportunities with food agencies, industry experts, and entrepreneurs and a chance to compete for a $25,000 Food Ignition seed capital award. Our first Food Xcel Winner, Ryan Abdallah, was awarded for his Marouns garlic paste which he has since launched in Sobeys across Atlantic Canada and other retail locations.

Food Xcel breaks down the process of developing a food product into smaller steps to help you make progress, test your assumptions, and build momentum. We understand that every entrepreneur has different strengths so we have established a support team that can help you as you build your food business.

Join us on November 29th to register to participate in Food Xcel. We will also be hosting Peter Van Stolk, Founder of Jones Soda, to speak on “Lessons in Building Consumer Loyalty from the Ground-up”.

Schedule of Events

6:00pm – Registration

6:15pm – Welcome

6:20pm – Food Xcel Program Overview

6:35pm – Peter Van Stolk, Founder of Jones Soda -“Lessons in Building Consumer Loyalty from the Ground-up”

7:30pm – Q&A

3 day HACCP and the Control of Listeria Workshop
Dec 3 – Dec 5 all day

This HACCP training course conducted by BIO|FOOD|TECH is a comprehensive three day course covering all aspects of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concept as it relates to all sectors of food processing. Covers the requirements for Canadian QMP and FSEP programs. This is a hands on course with 50 % of the course time spent preparing a HACCP plan for a product chosen by the participants.

Topics Covered

1) Introduction to HACCP
2) Hazards
3) Prerequisite Programs with emphasis on the control of Listeria
4) Product formulation to prevent the growth of L. monocytogenes
5) Treatment of products to destroy viable cells of L. monocytogenes
6) Ingredient and Raw Materials
7) HACCP Plan with emphasis on the control of Listeria
8) Environmental Monitoring to detect locations that harbor Listeria
9) Corrective actions if you detect Listeria species on critical surfaces or areas or in product.