Food Xcel Program for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever thought of starting your own food business? 

Food Xcel has been developed to help aspiring food entrepreneurs move their idea forward through a combination of progressive workshops, networking opportunities with food agencies, industry experts, and entrepreneurs and a chance to compete for a $25,000 Food Ignition seed capital award. Our first Food Xcel Winner, Ryan Abdallah, was awarded for his Marouns  garlic paste which he has since launched in Sobeys across Atlantic Canada and other retail locations.

Food Xcel breaks down the process of developing a food product into smaller steps to help you make progress, test your assumptions, and build momentum.   We understand that every entrepreneur has different strengths so we have established a support team that can help you as you build your food business.

Save the Date for Upcoming Workshops

November 29th (6-8PM) – Food Xcel overview with keynote Peter Van Stolk, Founder of Jones Soda

November 30th (9-4PM) –  Workshop #1

December 7th (8:30 – 5PM) – Workshop #2

January 11th (8:30 – 3PM) – Workshop #3

January 18th (8:30 -3PM) – Workshop #4

February 21st – Final Pitches and Award Presentation

For more information and to register visit Food Island Partnership at Food Xcel

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