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BIO|FOOD|TECH provides professional technical services to food and bioprocessing companies. We have 30 years of experience helping companies and entrepreneurs innovate, improve and grow their business.

We work with clients to determine their needs and offer solutions that meet their budgets and business goals. We provide expertise and assistance at every stage - from idea generation to pilot-scale to commercialization and marketing new products.


  • 30 years experience working with food and bio companies
  • 20 industry experts on staff with varied backgrounds (food science, engineering, micriobiology, chemistry, technology, and bioscience)
  • 2 food pilot plants
  • 2 bioprocessing pilot plants
  • 2 licensed kitchens
  • Free consultations
  • Answers to your questions
  • Strict confidentiality to protect your privacy
  • Support to access funding
  • Accredited and certified:
    • CFIA Safe Food for Canadians Act license
    • ISO 9001:2015 (BSI)
    • Standards Council of Canada 17025:2017
    • Health Canada Analytical Cannabis license
    • PEI Environmental Health: Food Premises & Milk Processing Plant licenses
    • CRA & PEI distilled spirits & wine licenses
    • PEI Fisheries Primary Processing license
    • US Food & Drug Act registration


Our professional team includes food and bioprocessing scientists, microbiologists, technologists, engineers and support staff.  Staff have extensive experience working with clients of all sizes and solving technical challenges. We have a unique understanding of the market landscape and are well-equipped to identify and leverage regional and global opportunities.


  • Jim Smith, PhD, MBA, FIFST, FCIFST, CSci, CFS
    Executive Director
  • Ebo Budu-Amoako, PhD
    Senior Food Microbiologist/Laboratory Manager
  • Edward Charter, PhD, PEng
    Food and Bioscience Technology Manager
  • Joy Shinn, MSc
    Business Development Manager


  • Ruthie Charbonneau, Assistant Project Technician
  • Leigh Gao, PhD, Sr. Process Scientist
  • Jin Aye Lim, MSc, Food Scientist
  • Joy Shinn, MSc, Food Scientist
  • Bethany Squires, Assistant Project Technician
  • Mona Squires, Quality Coordinator
  • Liping (Lilian) Yu, MSc, PEng, Food Scientist


  • Monica Cella, MSc, Process Scientist
  • Stephen Gould, B.Tech., CET, Sr. Extraction Technologist
  • Leila Hennessey, Assistant Technologist
  • Stephen Howard, Assistant Production Technologist
  • Lenae MacPhail, BScME, MScTM, Junior Process Engineer
  • Geoff Ralling, PHD, Senior Process Scientist


  • Ashley Cormier, Microbiology Lab Technician
  • Ellen Fagan, BSc, Bioscience Technology Dip., Microbiology Lab Technologist
  • Kayle Foote, Microbiology Lab Technologist
  • Amanda Hashem, Microbiology Lab Technologist
  • Christopher MacLeod, Microbiology Lab Technician
  • Wendy MacRae, Microbiology Lab Technologist
  • Vanessa Neale, Microbiology Lab Supervisor/Quality Assurance Officer


  • Susan Corbett, Secretary/Receptionist
  • Dina Frolova, Jr Administrative Support Worker
  • Donna Gallant, Accounting
  • Chris McDonald, Building/Plant Assistant
  • Tammy Proctor, A/Administrative Officer
  • Shawn Wakelin, Building/Pilot Plant Officer
  • Travis Wakelin, Building/Plant Assistant (on leave)

BIO|FOOD|TECH is a multilingual, multicultural company. In addition to fluency in English, team members have a working knowledge of French, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish.