We understand that introducing a new product into the market can be an overwhelming journey. As our tagline states, we can provide you with an extensive suite of services designed to seamlessly transition your food or bioscience product concept into pilot scale and a market success.

Our holistic product development services encompass:

  • Converting recipes into formulations with weighted ingredients
  • Validating ingredients are both necessary and meet any relevant regulations
  • Creating prototypes that meet key product features (i.e., shelf-life, taste, texture)
  • Achieving targeted nutritional factors (i.e. lowering sodium, sugar or increasing protein)
  • Sourcing functional ingredient sample (e.g., modified starches)
  • Unbiased sensory analysis with in-house panelists
  • Initial ingredient label
  • Quality and Food Safety testing (e.g., pH, texture, moisture, etc.)
  • Initial package and process testing

At the product development stage, you have the option to complete a Product Brief which can describe the product you are interested to create, along with all of the features you desire such as flavor, and any other requirements. This could include ingredients you don’t want to use such as artificial sweeteners. This brief helps guide the development of the prototype and enables staff to test and compare different ingredients to achieve the optimal outcomes.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Validating ingredients and usage in this stage also saves you time and potential changes down the road in case of not meeting regulatory specifications.
  • Obtaining samples from certified suppliers helps to determine what functional ingredients might be needed.
  • Although this is done at a small (kitchen) scale, different processing equipment can be tested, and packaging options selected to inform future scale up manufacturing.

At BioFoodTech we help you initiate the development stage of your process to test efficiacy prior to scale up. 

Our lab development support services include:

  • Process optimization at bench scale to maximize functional ingredients.
  • Critical process parameters identified.
  • Equipment assessments and determinations.

Our available facilities include access to: 

  • Laboratory spaces for testing analysis and preparation. 
  • Autoclave for sterilization purposes.
  • UltraPure water system (18 M-Ohm/cm).
  • Balances, centrifuges, spectrophotometer, incubators, coolers and freezers, filtration systems, freeze dryers, sonication, sterile hoods and much more. 

If you are looking for specific equipment or spaces, please visit our equipment and facilities page here

Fully certified and accredited facility

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